writing assignment.

1. The most useful assignment in my opinion was actually the blogging assignments. Its useful because it forces you to reflect on what you have got done and face anything you liked or disliked about it, and anything you liked or disliked about your own performance. I also liked it because going through and looking at other peoples blog (even though I only did that a couple times) was a really useful in terms of gaining knowledge about OSS. Also being able to basically compare my progress to others was a good way to keep myself on track. oh, a close second, using IRC as I had no idea how to use it prior.

2. I would have liked to had the dev assignment earlier as I was stuck on t for like a week. Although there was no way to tell that was going to happen, I still would have benefited greatly from having to get it done earlier. In fact I know tj was the same way. Also I think that we should have started looking at bugs and tickets from week one, to get used to the ticket system.

3. Oh man. I think I put in half the effort that I should have. I definitely wasn’t working on this class 9 hours a week. I should have been working harder, but I also didn’t feel like prior to about 2/3 of the way through the term we didn’t have that much to take care of, just some readings and quick assignments. I’m not saying that I think it should be harder, just saying.’

4. The greatest source for help for becoming engaged were my team mates. Actually feeling like I wasn’t contributing enough, and feeling like everyone else what out performing me. That was my greatest motivator. I think a better motivator would be working on a project I feel more passionate about. Not that I don’t think this was a great assignment, but I can only imagine how stoked I would be to work on something more exciting.

5. The biggest hurdle to engagement is definitely feeling too newbie. I was honestly kind of afraid to ask questions to people on irc because  I didn’t want to ask a stupid question. Trust me, I know its dumb but thats the way it was. Especially stuff like, “hey where do I find this file?” or “how can I fix this?”. It just felt like, since I wasn’t even knowledgeable enough to understand simple stuff, I shouldn’t be contributing. Dumb, on my part.

6. The first thing I would do, is learn in depth how to use the software. It has been said over and over in the OSS community that the greatest devs are the users. I think that the first assignment should be to get openmrs running and use it. The second assignment should be to use it. And the third assignment should be to upload a module and use it. I think instead of taking in sample data, we should put it in ourselves and get an idea of how things are supposed to act and how to actually use this software. That was another big thing, trying to fix bugs, and learn about how its supposed to act at the same time was a large barrier.

retrospect what else would have been useful?
–>In retrospect what else would have been useful?


The Last Post!!!

I meant to post last night but I didn’t sleep all weekend because of my job. sorry. I also missed the IRC meeting this week. anyway. This week I posted a ticket about the module upload button throwing a null pointer exception when there is no file to upload. This is easily fixed. All I have to do for this one is make the button greyd out until the user inputs a file, if the file at that point is not a module, that’s a different bug. So all I’m going to do is grey out the button until they choose a file. hmmmm. actually, I’m going to just make it so instead of throwing a big nasty exception page and blowing up, it will do a little toast pop-up and have it explain they need a file. This seems like a better option. Anyway, this week I was thinking about it and I’m really happy that I took this class because I learned so much. Coming in to this class I wouldn’t have known how to get source code, manage tickets or even submit code. After this class, I plan on getting involved in a couple open source projects, the one I specifically excited for is tor. Love the idea, and it will continually need new code, as is the nature of attempting to stay anonymous(Although I heard tor is pretty broke as fr as that goes right now, its user based has basically died.[well as far as actually hosting sites down there in the deep we goes anyway]). Without this class it would have been a much bigger struggle. I know this because I struggled my way through this class (as far as setting up all the things needed to actually start developing goes.).

anyway thanks everyone. this was a great term!

Another blog post! This week we did something!

So, this week we worked on the cohortbuilder bug. We added a if statement that was supposed to determine whether or not the client was using a Spanish locale and if so,  the user can use some Spanish words for AND, OR, and NOT. If not, just use the English words. This seems easy enough but for some reason wouldn’t work while in the Spanish locale. We are still working on it. At first I thought we should just add the Spanish words to the list of acceptable terms, but, then after I thought about it, if we start using the cohort builder with many languages it would get messy.  Cody posted the if statement, and the file to the ticket in hopes of getting a response before Monday. We are going to do some more testing in class tomorrow. I believe the solution is simple. I think it has to do with the locale utility. I think one solution is to make the locale a global variable, although, maybe it already is. This I’ll be checking out tonight. anyway. I have a lot of work todo. So I will be signing off now.

Oh. Also. I feel as if I have not contributed enough at this point. but I don’t know what else to do. I keep testing hoping to fix it but I have not found a solution. So, just wanted to get that off my chest. Anyway. Goodnight, I have much work to do.

Week… I know this isn’t week 9… I dont know!

This week we found a bug to work on and its mostly been cody and nate working on it, but basically, there is a piece of functionality that is supposed to be included in the Open MRS app, and its not. that feature is the option to use Spanish in a couple different parts. So all they did was check to see if the locale was Spanish, then map certain English words to Spanish.

I was in a wedding and that was pretty cool. Also in another class I finally(super late) got given my senior project, so I have been crazy busy. I’m going to sleep now!


I think this is week 8…?

Last week we got started working on bugs and that was really cool!!! I like looking through the bugs and deciding which to work on. It’s noce to actually have something to do. So then to any of my team members reading this, SORRY for not being there on friday or monday. I’ve been super busy with other crap, not the least of which was jury duty, which as it turns out, I didn’t need to be at. Back to the blog, on monday becka emailed me a page about using the ticket system. I think the ticket system is pretty intuitive and nice. Also I think its a good thing to use because it keeps whos working on what clear.
I hate to say it but I didnt get to actually do much last week so, I don’t have much else to say…OH! the IRC meeting was pretty weird, we were supposed to meet again yesterday after class but I was chilling on the channel all day and as far as I could tell, no one else showed up! So I have that to clear up.
Anyway I’m going to bed. Night all.

Week 6

We had a lot of snow last week and I didn’t make a lot of progress so I didn’t post anything, Sorry!!!!!

This week things got way better in this class.

I finally got everything running and got to working in openmrs. Well, Kinda working. We had a meeting and we decided that we would do bugs for now, and if we decided we could, we would do a module. So for now were just going to do as many bug fixes as we can handle until the end of the term, as far as I understand.

The irc meetings are becoming almost pointless I believe. I think that we could just as easily decide on what we are going to do in the class time that we spend together. especially now since we spend so much time just looking through bugs.

Last week Nate submitted steps to recreate a bug and that was pretty cool. And this week we have starting looking at three more. There ya have it!

Week 4

This week we set up our development environments and I ran into a significant amount of trouble along the way. Lucky for me, we had a few days to work on it and I had a great team.

The first problem I ran into, and one that lasted throughout the whole process, was the amount of places we could go to get instructions on setting up the environment even on the Dev Assn page, it has instructions, and then a repeat set of instructions in the pdf that we are supposed to follow as part of the original set of instructions.

The next problem that I had involved not being able to tell what to do because we were supposed to use sudo mvn jetty:run, but I couldn’t find that in any of the instructions. Luckily a team mate showed me that and that fixed my initial problem. BUT now I have to use that anytime I check out the core using the webapp. Now this is a pretty big pain in the butt, but not nearly as frustrating as the next problem…

This is the last problem I found, but I can’t figure it out. I have redone every step in the dev guide and checked to make sure that java and mysql are doing there jobs. Still I get a error message saying that a java method is working incorrectly. I really have no idea what Im supposed to do at this point. Tomorrow in class nate is gonna go over it with me though, and I’m sure he’ll know what to do.

I get all the way to the point where you start loading up the database with info and messing around, and it gets some crazy error. Any way, I have written all I can about this weeks stuff. Good night all.

Week 2

This week I installed Linux on a empty partition on my hard drive, so far I’m loving it. Linux seems really cool and great for developers. It took me about 15 minutes to download Linux mint 16. Then I used a Linux live creation tool to make a , wait for it, live usb. 🙂 yay 🙂 Anyway I then finished listening to a ytcracker song and shut-down the computer. I then inserted the usb into the computer and turned on the computer. I proceeded to wait for the live version of Linux to start up. When it started up a beautiful intuitive desktop appeared and I immediately made my first attempt to install Linux beside windows. There was a problem with my Linux partition and so I opened up g parted and formatted the partition. I then installed Linux and restarted my computer. I was very glad to see the option menu  come up. Now I am writing this hahahahaha.

My team and I had a discussion on irc about what were going to do. We talked about the things we need to do and the things we have done. We are waiting to get our assignment from the proffesor. But we decided that the day we get our assignment we are going to have another irc meeting to put everyone on track. I think the main thing is to give everyone in the team there job and keep in touch to make sure the job gets done. I’m really excited to work on this team for many reasons but one of them is because it seems like the other members are more experienced than I, and it will be cool to see how they work. I am really really excited to get moving on this project. 🙂

U used github for the first time this week. We basically just created an account, made a file and then sent a pull request to becka, But I think it showed how powerful a tool it is. It seems like a really nice tool for people who are working on projects that are open to having many people;e contribute.

A speaker came this week also, That was really cool. He talked about what its like getting a job and what he looks for in a resume and interview. He also told us about a coding thing that happens on the second wednesday of every month and I think Im going to go.


Week 1

this week our assignment was to create, and then edit someone else’s, wiki. I thought creating a wiki was pretty cool. It seems like a powerful tool for publishing factual information about a vast breadth of information. I didn’t write much, I only wrote a couple lines talking about the blog, I didn’t really know what to write about. We were then told we had to edit someone else’s wiki and I found out its not to hard to find things to edit or change on any given wiki. I haven’t gone back to see if someone edited mine yet, but there wasn’t much to edit.

This week we also got assigned teams to work on the Open MRS project and were going to be developing a module over the term. So far we haven’t worked on anything, we only had one meeting and discovered that none of us even had our environments setup. Despite not having much to talk about we did setup somethings were going to do this week, the first of which being setting up our development environments, the second goal being learning more about Open MRS. I especially need to learn more because I had an especially crazy weekend. I think this team is going to be cool though, I’m excited to start and finish a project.

And finally…

As you can tell, if your reading this, one of our assignments was to create a blog. I think its pretty rad. We have to write a page though and I’m kinda running out of steam. I’ll write more later…

We did a github assignment last week and that was cool. Learning about github was awesome I really like it, I think that I’m going to start using it for a couple of small projects I’m  working on. My team got our environments set up and were going to decide on a module to work on.

Okay, so we just started talking about what you want in this, so heres the truth I think that we should be focusing on contributing to the project earlier. I feel like we aren’t doing anything in this class and I really want to get started working on the project!!!! I guess Im  just excited 🙂